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ACE Enterprizes, LLC | Milwaukee, Wisconsin | 414-698-0562
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  How Can We Help You Tell Your Story?

We are a team of artists and digital media creators dedicated to creating top notch video content for our clients in Milwaukee, WI and across the country.



Whether you're seeking an effective solution for promoting your business, training your employees, selling your products and services, educating or informing your customers, or simply sharing a new idea, we deliver powerful, memorable videos that engage your audience.




We are a local, independent video production company serving our community.  While we've traveled across the country for various projects, our home base is right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



Eliminate the middle man.  When you hire us for your video project you can be confident that the same person you discuss your project with is the same person running your shoot, the same person overseeing post-production.  Nothing is lost in translation and a single, focused vision guides your project through from development to delivery.



We choose not to specialize in any given market.  This allows us to bring the knowledge and experience of working in a wide variety of markets to your project.  Market-specific production companies often fall into the trap of producing dime-a-dozen videos that do not stand out from the crowd.  We specialize in the craft of telling YOUR story in the best possible way.



We keep our operating costs low to that we can be flexible, able to deliver quality work within various budget constraints.  We keep our production crew small, with only the essential players.  This allows us to run a lean, efficient production and helps keep your costs down.



Honesty and transparency.  While some people like to dive in and get their hands dirty, others just want to leave this stuff to the pros.  We will let you know as much or as little as you want to know about the video production process.  We will never surprise you with hidden costs; will not charge you extra for every little change.



Original music.  Our talented and versatile composer will write music specifically for your videos, giving them heart and a unique flavor that stock music rarely delivers.  Plus, you'll own the track —and won't ever have to deal with licensing!  Very few production companies in our area offer this level of customization.



Ease of access.  We keep a secure archive of your project and routinely update it with the latest versions of our video editing and motion graphics software to make sure that if you need us to revisit a project we can pick up right where we left off.  And while many companies will charge you for subsequent copies of your video months or years down the road, we will gladly upload these for you at no cost.



For us, this isn't just a business.  It's our passion.  We genuinely care about giving you the best possible video. We care about our work and our reputation, and we care about how it contributes to your success.

Photo of Gabriel Spaulding.

Gabriel Spaulding

Creator & Director of ACE Enterprizes

Videographer | Video Editor | Motion Graphics Artist

Click to download our postcard! Click here to watch our demo reel.
Photo of Gabriel Spaulding.
Click to download our postcard! Click here to watch our demo reel.
Click to download our postcard! Click here to watch our demo reel.